Groom poses: Show off style with these stunning poses

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You’ll definitely dress up to be the most handsome man on your wedding day. And we’re here to help you capture the best pictures in your perfectly tailored wedding dress.


While you’ll find a plethora of bride and couple poses, poses for the groom are seldom discussed. We believe even the groom deserves special attention, like our beloved brides. Therefore, we’re curating this guide with wedding groom poses to help them nail the wedding album in style.

At One Horizon Productions, we’re one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore with over two decades of experience. Penning down our experience of covering 1500+ weddings, we’re building this photography guide to help you ace your wedding album.


Here are amazing wedding poses for the groom. Check them out now!

8+ Awe-inspiring groom poses to nail your wedding album

From traditional straight poses to quirky modern ones, there are several groom single poses for you to get perfectly photographed. Follow along to know them.

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1. Traditional groom pose: Stand straight and hold hands

As always, traditional groom poses are classic and timeless. They are always in trend and make frame-worthy portraits. To get the best clicks, look into the camera, stand straight and hold your hands in the front. Show off your confidence in these classic pictures.

2. Show off some style with your suit

Women love men showing off style in their three-piece suits. Just hold the blazer of your tuxedo, let your one hand slide into the pant’s pocket and stand in style. These groom poses in suits will earn you Instagram-worthy pictures.

3. The getting-ready shots

Behind-the-scenes and getting-ready shots are a marvel of their own. They make some of the best wedding poses for the groom. Check out the ones we’ve captured to get an idea!

4. Give the side pose

You don’t always have to stand straight in front of the camera. Show off your side profile with pride.

5. The sit-in style pose

Whether you wear a sherwani or suit, give a royal sitting pose and let the photographer capture your style. 

6. Traditional seated pose

Sit down in the traditional way. When you’re wearing the traditional South-Indian wedding dress, this pose elevates your Indian groom pose and makes a perfect capture.

7. Stage candids looking away from the camera

Well, looking into the camera is not the only way for handsome portraits. You can look away from the camera for some amazing staged candid pictures that capture your side face.

8. Give your hundred-watt smile

All you require to add life to your photo is your precious smile. Express your happiness and let that handsome smile of yours do the rest. Believe us, you’ll love these pictures.

Here are some unique groom poses for you to try:

While the above are timeless and classic wedding poses for the groom, you can make yours unique by showing your personality and style in the pictures. Here are some ideas for you:


  • Let your quirky side shine out with unique poses that are meant only for you.
  • Use your turban, sword, or veil as props and give some amazing poses.
  • Wear sports shoes under your sherwani to show off your style in the pictures.
  • Give the namaste or joining hands pose
  • Just be YOU!

Get the perfect wedding album

With traditional and unique groom poses, get the ideal wedding album you always wanted. While candid pictures will capture your lovely moments and heartfelt emotions, your wedding album will look incomplete without your handsome groom portraits adding glamour.


A wedding groom photoshoot is all you need to capture the smile and style of your wedding day forever.

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Let us help you make the right decision in choosing between candid and traditional wedding photography, So it doesn’t have to be hard for you.

If you’re looking for professional wedding photographers in Bangalore to capture your handsome groom shots, contact us. At One Horizon Productions, we know how important your wedding photographs are for you and leave no stone unturned to capture the best ones.

FAQs about groom poses

Groom poses traditional are the ones where the groom stands straight, looks directly into the camera and gives a warm smile or shows off some attitude. These make for some timeless and classic groom portraits.

Unique groom poses are where the groom shows off his style and personality. These could be wearing sports shoes under sherwani, showing off the foodie side, or just looking saint-like. Pose the poses you own by heart.

Just calm yourself down, let your shoulders relax, move naturally, forget the camera and give some excellent groom wedding poses for handsome groom portraits.

Choose the poses that suit your personality, style and body. Also, ensure you are comfortable in those poses and they don’t look fake.

Add props—sunglasses, formal shoes, sports shoes, mojari (traditional Indian men’s footwear), veil or other items with sentimental value and show your style in your groom wedding photoshoot.

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