Wedding Couple Poses ideas: A Complete Guide For Stunning Photos

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We know how embarrassing it can be to stand there all dressed up on your wedding day and have no clue about what to pose for couple photos for wedding. And today, in the world of social media, you’d want to pose the right way for your friends and family to go ‘Awwww’ seeing your lovely bond.

At One Horizon Productions, we’re one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore with over two decades of experience. Having covered 1500+ weddings, with 50+ experienced photographers, we’re penning down our photography experience in this guide to help you nail your wedding album.

Indian Couple Poses for Wedding

We've put together a list of our all-time favorite wedding couple poses to express your bond in the most romantic way. These poses have won the hearts of millions and will continue to win forever. Scroll down and get prepared to pose on your special day! 

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1. Traditional Couple Poses for Classic portraits

Traditional marriage couple photo style poses are timeless—they never go out of style. They are frame-worthy classic portraits you’ll definitely love to hang in your room. In these wedding couple poses, you can show off some royal attitude by dressing up in royal fashion.


Traditional portraits hold a classic and elegant look. To pull off such stunning portraits, just relax your shoulders and pose. Let it come naturally. Don’t try to be stern or rigid. Just hold your partner and show off some attitude.

Some examples of traditional photo poses are:


  • Walk hand in hand with your partner, giving a warm smile
  • Stand tall, holding your partner at her shoulders
  • You and your partner look at a faraway distance standing side by side

Here are some traditional wedding couple poses we clicked recently:

2. Candid Wedding Couple Photos/Poses to Capture the Moments

Candid pictures are natural and unscripted. You don’t generally pose for these; Your photographer captures them spontaneously. While candid pictures show real emotions, you cannot have perfect captures as there’s a lot of movement. 


Therefore, you can opt for staged candids to ensure you have control over the composition and context of the photo. 


To get perfect candid moments captured during a couple wedding photoshoot, just forget you’re in front of the camera. Walk around, converse with your partner, hold your partner’s hand, lean on his shoulder, crack a joke and laugh out loud. Having these special moments will allow your photographer to capture them naturally.

Here are some candid couple photographs we clicked:

3. Romantic Wedding Couple Poses that show off your love

Be it your smile or the way you hold your partner’s hand, every moment is special, and every action is a pose in itself, and that’s what we, as your wedding photographer, intend to capture in romantic photographs—your bond with your partner.


To evoke emotions in your photos, don’t think of it as a photo and fake it. Instead, express your love and let the photographer capture it. For example, instead of pretending to kiss, actually kiss your partner.


Some awe-inspiring romantic wedding couple poses are the bride and groom looking loving in each other’s eyes, hugging each other tight, giving a reassuring forehead kiss, pulling your partner closer to you, getting lost in your partner’s beauty and many more.

Take a look at our clicks on Romantic Couple Poses

4. Creative and New Couple Wedding Poses that stand out

While traditional poses are limited and don’t let the couples express themselves, creative and new marriage couple poses help them do that. Modern poses push the boundaries of traditional wedding photography and let couples embrace their personality and style.


To come up with new and unique couple poses, focus on your and your partner’s personality and preferences. For example, if you’re adventurous, you can try poses that involve jumping or climbing, or if you’re a foodie, you can try a food challenge with your partner and let the photographer capture candids of loving tug.


You can also ask the photographer to use different photography styles like blur photography, close-up shots, staged candids, etc., to get unique angles for your pictures. To nail new and creative wedding couple poses, be open to trying new things, as you never know what may work out!

Here are some creative couple photoshoot poses we captured:

5. Couple poses in Saree for the Wedding day

Sarees are beautiful outfits you can elegantly showcase in your wedding couple poses. Brides look absolutely gorgeous in the 6 to 9 yards cloth draped beautifully. While there are several ways to drape the saree, during weddings, you’d see them draped classically.


By using the pallu creatively, you can subtly highlight the saree in your wedding couple poses photoshoot. For example, let the groom hold the loose end of the pallu to stop you as you try to walk away, spread the pallu on the groom’s shoulder as you lean over him, etc., and make the best wedding couple poses.

Here are some amazing pictures we clicked with the bride in the saree:

Capture the best wedding photos

Weddings happen once in a lifetime, and you’d want to treasure those special moments forever. While you may wear the wedding attire again, you will not dress the same as on your wedding day. Nor will you have experienced photographers to capture stunning and timeless marriage photo poses.


Getting couple portraits clicked will help you capture those memories of love and joy you felt on the special day. They will also help you celebrate your relationship with your partner. After all, it’s your wedding and getting those lovely photos clicked in awesome wedding couple poses suits you.


If you’re looking for experienced wedding photographers in Bangalore to capture timeless couple photographs, contact us. At One Horizon Productions, we celebrate your wedding and help you treasure those moments forever.

6. Our Wedding Photos Collection for Couple Wedding Photo Pose

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FAQs on wedding couple poses

To nail your couple poses, talk with your partner and photographer in advance and ask about their preferences. Avoid poses they are not comfortable with. For the best photographs as a wedding couple, try doing the wedding couple shoot with minimum people around, so you, your partner and your photographer have the space and comfort.

The best advantage Indian brides have is the royal attire and ornate jewellery. You can make the most of your wedding poses by using the bridal dupatta and other accessories as props. The poses that highlight your attire make the best poses, like twirling with your lehenga, dramatically holding the veil, etc.

Avoid poses that are complicated or uncomfortable. As Indian brides’ attire is generally heavy and doesn’t allow for comfortable movement, you must ensure their feasibility for the pose.

Candid and wedding photography and videography that narrate the couple’s story are the newest trends in wedding photography. Photojournalism and documentary styles are also being loved by Gen-Z. We’ve also seen a rise in pre-wedding and post-wedding photography in recent times.

Weddings happen once in a lifetime and have moments to treasure forever. Photography helps capture and store those moments. It reminds you of those moments of joy and love after years of marriage.

A combination of traditional and candid photography works best for capturing all special moments and covering all rituals and customs. These days, couples prefer photojournalist and documentary-style photography that narrates their story. Based on what and how you want to cover your wedding, you can choose the photography style that suits best for it.

You can add all types of couple photos to your wedding album. It’s your wedding album, and your choice is all that matters. However, in Indian households, you might feel uncomfortable adding intimate couple photos to the wedding album. Then, you can add the pictures you are comfortable sharing with your in-laws and other relatives.

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