Traditional Naidu Wedding, Bangalore: An Intimate Home Wedding

Capturing emotions at Dhamini and Siddharth’s close-knit home wedding

bride and groom on their naidu wedding day in the backdrop of flowered decoration

Weddings at home have such a comforting experience. The fun, the excitement, and the emotions seen at intimate home weddings are unmatched. One Horizon Productions team got the opportunity to capture those amazing intimate home wedding moments during the wedding photography of Dhamini and Siddharth.


Dhamini Naidu is the daughter of G N Rajashekar Naidu, a well-known South-Indian producer, actor, and journalist. Her marriage was a Telugu Naidu wedding filled with rituals and traditions.

Intimate home wedding photography

Naidu Weddings are filled with rituals

One thing that makes every Indian wedding special is its deep-rooted rituals. While every wedding in India has different rituals, each ritual has a deeper spiritual meaning hidden in it. Capturing all these rituals and traditions in a home wedding is a comforting experience. It is heartwarming to see elders guiding the bride and groom at every step in all the rituals.


The pre-wedding rituals started with the Pellikuthuru ceremony, a ritual similar to the Haldi ceremony, at the bride’s place. Turmeric paste was applied to the bride, followed by a shower of turmeric water. After the bride’s Haldi, it was the groom’s Haldi ceremony known as Pellikoduku in Naidu weddings. The ritual symbolizes the cleansing of mind and body before marriage.

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Wedding rituals started with Ganesh and Gowri Pooja. The groom performed the Ganesh pooja in the mantapa while the bride performed Gowri pooja in her room. 


Both Dhamini and Siddharth looked adorable and stunning on the wedding day. Dhamini wore an eye-catching orange-white silk saree and was adorned with gold jewellery. Our groom, Siddharth, complimented the bride’s look in white. In Naidu weddings, the groom always wears a white dhoti and white shirt made of silk, along with a white turban. 


Among all the rituals, the Talambralu ritual where the bride and groom shower each other with yellow rice was the one everyone enjoyed the most. We were delighted to capture such lovely moments.


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