30+ Pre Wedding Props to Elevate Your Photoshoot

Pre wedding Props for prewedding shoot

Wondering which props to use for your pre-wedding shoot? Look no further as we’ll discuss the best pre wedding props to make your shoot unique and memorable.


Props fill your pre-wedding photos with personality and character. You can use them to express your hobbies and interests or even showcase your love story. From quirky to romantic, there are a variety of props to make your pre-wedding shoot fun and creative.


Keep reading to find the perfect pre wedding props to add your persona to your pre-wedding pictures.


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Unleash Your Creativity with 30+ Props for Pre wedding shoot

Whether you’re looking for a whimsical, romantic, or quirky vibe, props can add just the perfect look to your pre wedding shoot. You can use them or let them stay in the backdrop. Here’s our go-to list of props for pre wedding photoshoots to create stunning photos:

1. Bicycle


A bicycle adds vintage vibes to your photos. You can stand in front of it, ride it with your partner, or just take a short walk with the bicycle for serene photographs. To add a creative touch, wear contrast-coloured clothes or decorate the bicycle with flowers or fairy lights.

2. Flower Bouquet / Flowers/ Petals

What better than flowers to make your photos romantic? You can propose your partner with a flower bouquet, shower flower petals on them or scatter the flowers and petals on the floor and take an aerial shot. Just don’t stick to roses, add flowers you and your partner love or use different coloured flowers to make your pre-wedding photos unique.

3. Car

Car adds a touch of elegance and royalty to your photoshoot. You can use your car or make use of the ones available at pre wedding shoot locations. At some locations, you’ll also find vintage cars that give a retro look to your shoot.

4. Boat

Boats are an amazing beach pre wedding props. One popular pose on the boat is the Titanic pose. However, you can sit, stand, or even lie down on the boat for creative pictures.

5. Swing Seats

Nothing can beat swing seats as the most romantic pre wedding props. Let your partner swing you, or both of you can swing together, creating playful and romantic pre-wedding pictures.

6. Bench

A bench is one of the cute props for pre-wedding shoot. You can lean on your partner’s shoulder, sit on their lap, keep your head in their lap and lie down or just stand behind them while they sit on the bench. There are several pre-wedding poses you can try out on the bench.

7. Balloons

They are fun and whimsical props that add pop and colours to your pre wedding photos. You can hold them, walk and converse for candid pictures or release them in the sky for a playful effect. To make the most of the balloons, choose colourful balloons and wear solid-coloured clothes or vice-versa.

8. Glowing lights

Glowing or fairy lights are amazing props for night shoot or shoot in the dark. They create a magical and romantic atmosphere in your photographs. You can wrap them around a tree or a pole or hold them in your hands for magical pictures.

9. Abandoned Houses/ structures

They add mysterious and moody vibes to your pre wedding pics. You can shoot inside these structures or use them as a backdrop to make the most of them.

10. Bottles

Be it made of plastic, metal or coloured glass, bottles are great pre wedding props. You can hold them, keep them aside, add straws and drink from the bottles or fill them with flowers.

11. Hats

Hats add a playful and stylish touch to your pictures. You can wear matching hats or swipe them with your partner. Hold them while you walk, let your partner make you wear them or cover your face with them while you lay on your partner’s lap.

12. Rings

Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love, and they make great props for pre wedding photo shoots. You can hold them up, create a heart shape with your hands or just hold your partner’s hands, to show off your wedding rings.

13. Mirror

Mirrors create a unique and artistic effect in your photos. If you forget to take the mirror, you can use window panels, pond water or other reflective surfaces to capture your reflection.

14. Firecrackers and colour bombs

These create a fun and festive atmosphere in your photos. You and your partner can hold sparkles or smoke bombs to create dramatic effects. You can also use them to create words or letters.

15. Lamps or Diya

Lamps make your pre wedding photos look warm and cosy, and Diya adds a traditional and spiritual touch. You can surround yourself with diyas or hold a lamp and look at your partner to create a Bollywood effect.

16. Umbrella

These pre wedding props create a playful and whimsical effect in your photographs. You can use a solid-coloured or multi-coloured umbrella as props in the rain or hide-a-kiss props.

17. Bike/scooters

These are quirky pre wedding props that show your fun personality in the photos. You can use them to create a fun and adventurous atmosphere in your photos.

18. Pets

You can add your furry friends and pets to your pre wedding pictures and make them a part of your new journey. After all, you love them too much.

19. Sign Boards/ Placards

These are pre wedding props ideas for save-the-date photos or if you want to convey a personalised message. You can use printed sign boards or hand-written placards to show specific details.

20. Scrabble letters

They are one of the creative Pre wedding props. You can use them to spell out your name or a special message to your partner.

21. Musical instruments

If you’re musically inclined, you can use your musical instrument as a Pre Wedding Prop or rent one to add a romantic touch to your photos.

22. Chair

A chair adds a modern and stylish vibe to your pictures. You can creatively pose around the chair and show off your style.

23. Glasses

You can add both nerdy and stylish vibes to your photos with glasses. Wear reading glasses with books or sunglasses in the outdoor shoot.

24. Leaf

Leaves add a natural and earthy touch to your photos. You can hold it up or write a message on it for creative pre wedding photos.

25. Flags

You can use flags to showcase your culture or add a festive touch to your photos. Wave them, hold or just let them stay in the background.

26. Pillow

These are cute Pre Wedding Props. They add a cosy and intimate atmosphere to your photographs.

27. Dupatta

Dupattas, long or short, add a traditional and elegant touch to your photos. Drape it, hold it, spread it across, or use it the way you like.

28. Coffee Cups

One of the most romantic props for a pre wedding photoshoot, coffee cups show off your love and bond. Use them creatively.

29. Soap Bubbles

They add a playful touch to your photo, and you can use them as both quirky and romantic pre wedding props.

29. Tent

You can use a tent to create a rustic and adventurous atmosphere in your photographs. You can also sit inside with a light source and create a silhouette shot from the outside.

30. DIY props for pre-wedding photoshoot

You can create your pre wedding props or get creative with chalkboards, banners, DIY photo frames and other props that reflect your bond with your partner.

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FAQs about Pre Wedding Props

You can choose the props based on your pre-wedding shoot theme. Some latest props for pre-wedding shoots include bicycles, smoke bombs, wedding rings, swings, musical instruments, flowers, etc.

You can buy props for pre-wedding shoots from a variety of places, such as online shopping sites, local party supply stores, or craft stores.

You can make props for a pre-wedding shoot using simple materials like paper, fabric, balloons, or flowers. You can also upcycle items from around your house or borrow items from friends and family.

Nail your pre wedding shoot with creative props and ideas

In all, adding props to your pre-wedding photoshoot is a great way to make your photos more unique and personal. Pre Wedding Props can help to tell your love story and add character to your photos. Use the props we’ve mentioned in the article to make your photos unique.


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