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A Ritual moment capture in Brahmin wedding photography

Brahmin weddings are filled with love, laughter, joy and rituals. Like every Indian wedding, Brahmin wedding rituals hold immense significance and are a must-capture. The ageless customs and traditions make Brahmin marriages a soulful experience.


Capturing the essence of every ritual and tradition is the beauty of Brahmin wedding photography. The nervousness and smiles shared by the bride and groom, the stealing of romantic glances, the excitement of friends and cousins, and the emotional moments with parents enrich the wedding celebrations.


Beginning with Nischyadaartham and ending with the Griha Pravesh ritual, Hindu brahmin weddings last for two to three days. Brahmin wedding films capture all the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. The contagious smiles and ancient rituals blend in to make a beautiful wedding album.


Hire a wedding photographer accustomed to Brahmin wedding rituals and traditions to ensure your wedding photographs have all the essential moments captured. You must discuss your requirements—the rituals you want to capture, the type of photography, any poses you want to capture, some candid moments you want to capture, etc.

We, at One Horizon Productions, are one of the Premium Wedding photographers in Bangalore, having covered 1500+ weddings. Penning down our 20+ years of experience, we’re building this photography guide for you to nail your wedding album.

Brahmin Wedding Photos

Some key moments Brahmin wedding photographers ensure to capture are:


  • The glow on the bride’s face while performing the Gouri pooja.
  • The fun and excitement among friends and cousins during the Haldi rituals.
  • The gratification on a newly-wed couple’s face while seeking blessings from the almighty.
  • The quirky candids during the Talambralu ritual where the bride and groom shower each other with rice.
  • The splendid moments when the groom holds the bride’s feet for the Saptapadi ritual.
  • The fun and quirky moments at the Kashi Yatra ritual.
  • The eagerness and nervousness on the bride and groom’s faces when separated by the white cloth.
  • The ritual moments that the bride and groom perform in the Mandapa.
  • Family portraits depicting the sheer joy and gratitude of parents and siblings.
  • Candid moments of the bride and groom performing marriage rituals.

Explore our gallery of images below for more ideas and poses during brahmin wedding rituals.


If you’re looking for experienced photographers to capture your Brahmin wedding, contact us and get a free quote.

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At One Horizon Productions, we have captured countless Brahmin weddings and are well-versed in all the rituals. We know what’s required to make a brahmin wedding album fun, quirky and memorable while capturing all the rituals and traditions.

If you’re looking for experienced photographers to capture your Brahmin wedding, contact us and get a free quote.

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