Traditional wedding photography vs Candid wedding photography: Which is the best for you?

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If you’re confused between candid and traditional photography and are having a hard time deciding which one to choose for your wedding, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered in this blog: Candid vs Traditional Wedding Photography, Which one is best for you?!

Candid wedding photography refers to capturing spontaneous moments and emotions on the go instead of directing the couple to pose a certain way. This kind of photography captures unexpected and beautiful pictures without pressuring the couple.

On the other hand, Traditional wedding photography refers to capturing pictures by directing the couple to pose a certain way. Generally, these are eye-level pictures like the ones you would find in your parent’s wedding albums.


Here are a few traditional photography pictures:

But which one should you choose? It entirely depends on the type of wedding event and your photography requirements.

At One Horizon Productions, we’re one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore, with over two decades of experience, we understand the confusion during wedding photography discussions. Penning down our experience, we’re building this guide to help you.


In this blog, we discuss candid wedding photography and traditional wedding photography in detail. To help you understand the difference between them and choose the right one.

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is a new approach to photography where the photographer aims to capture real moments and emotions. It involves taking pictures of your candid moments of joy, heartfelt emotions, romantic looks, quirky laughs or even confusion. All your special moments are captured in a natural setting without pressuring you to look or pose in a certain way.


For candid photography, the photographer keeps an eye open and randomly clicks pictures. Examples of candid wedding photos are the bride lovingly hugging her grandmother, the bride’s mother smiling with tear-filled eyes, the bride and groom romantically looking at each other between rituals, etc.

What does Candid Wedding Photography capture?

Natural and spontaneous moments

As candid photography captures pictures on the go, all candid pictures are natural and spontaneous. It doesn’t wait for the right lighting, direction and angle and focuses on emotions, feelings and special moments.

Less Posed and more Real emotions

Candid photographs depict real emotions the bride and groom and their families go through during the wedding events. Here, the guests enjoy themselves without being lined up for boring group pictures. Capturing the special moments that otherwise would have been missed, candid wedding photography helps you treasure your special day.

Candid wedding photography ideas | Candid wedding photos

Here are some awe-inspiring candid wedding photos we’ve captured to give you a better idea.

1. The Anticipation and Happiness when the bride and groom wait for the first look—when the bride and groom look at each other for the first time in wedding dress.

2. The forehead kiss where the groom comforts the bride with a forehead kiss, expressing his love and joy.

3. Moments where the bride and groom kiss each other quirkily in front of everyone.

4. The moments where brides laugh their hearts out and enjoy the wedding.

5. The candid capture of rituals and traditions where bride and groom are not the actual focus point.

6. The fun and laughter filled talambralu or couples showering each other with rice rituals.

7. The auspicious mangalsutra moments of the couples

8. Candid captures of couples performing wedding rituals

9. Couples exchanging romantic looks between wedding rituals

Candid Wedding Photography Cost

Candid wedding photography costs in Bangalore depend on various factors. Based on the number of guests, number of events, wedding venue, rituals covered, number of photographers and videographers covering the events, etc., wedding photographers will provide you with a quote.


At One Horizon Productions, our candid wedding photography prices start from ₹ 19,000. We have several packages and a la carte options for you to choose from. You can contact us and discuss your requirements for a definite quote.

Candid wedding photography tips

Here are a few photography tips to nail candid photographs at your wedding:


  • Build a good rapport with the photographer beforehand by letting them know what you expect from your wedding photos.
  • Don’t think you’re under the camera lens. Live and enjoy the special moments as they unfold, and let the photographer do their job.
  • Ensure your events are well-spaced and you have an unhurried timeline to relax and enjoy every event.
  • Explain your events, surprises, and timelines to the photographer so that he is aware of what’s happening and what to capture.

Traditional wedding photography

Traditional wedding photography refers to regular or age-old photography where you stand still or pose, and the photographer captures them. Here, the photographer aims to document every ritual and tradition classically. It involves capturing formal, staged and eye-level pictures of your special day.


In traditional photography, the photographer waits for the perfect pose and captures them to perfection. Examples of traditional wedding photography are photos of wedding receptions where all group pictures look the same with different people in them.

What does traditional wedding photography capture?

1. Formal and posed shots

All traditional wedding pictures are portraits of formal and posed couple shots. Here, the photographer tells you how to stand/sit and pose. They focus on the right lighting, direction and angle to click perfect pictures.

2. Focus on family and friends

This kind of photography allows space for family and friends to dress and pose in what suits them the best. It also means everyone is giving their best pose, and the photographer can capture good pictures.

3. Timeless and classic pictures

Traditional photographs are timeless and classic, as they are here from time immemorial. They document every event as it is supposed to be and are preferred for wedding receptions and similar events.

Traditional wedding photography ideas | Traditional wedding photos

Here are some traditional photography tips and ideas to help you nail your wedding pictures:


  • Let the photographer tell you the best about the pose as per the lighting and angle to click frame-worthy pictures.
  • Discuss a few poses in advance to know if you’re comfortable with them.
  • Relax and do not feel pressured by the camera.
  • Live the moment and give a natural smile to avoid photographs looking staged and forced.

Traditional wedding photography prices

Traditional wedding photography prices depend on the type and number of events, number of guests, length of the event and your other requirements. Generally, wedding photographers in Bangalore will offer several packages, and you can choose the one that suits you the best.


At One Horizon Productions, our traditional wedding photography costs start from ₹ 11,000. You can contact us, discuss your requirements, and we’ll provide you with a definitive quote.

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FAQs on traditional and candid wedding photography

Photography is divided into two main types—traditional photography and candid photography—based on the type and aim of pictures captured. These can further be divided into monochrome (black and white), abstract, portrait, artistic, fashion, sports, still life, editorial, architectural, etc., based on what is being captured.

Candid photography requires various types of lenses, equipment, skilled and trained photographers, photo and video editors, editing software, etc., which makes it expensive when compared to traditional photography.

The best type of photography depends on the wedding event. For fun-filled events like Pre-Weddings, haldi, sangeet, cocktail parties, etc., candid photography is the best. For ritual-filled events like marriage, chapra shastra or receptions, traditional photography is more suited.

Yes, traditional photography is still opted for by several couples and families all across the world, as traditional pictures are timeless and classic. At weddings, traditional photography is required to document all the rituals and traditions appropriately.

Add in props—sunglasses, bridal sandals, bridal robe, or other items with sentimental value and show your style in your bridal photoshoot. 

Letting your natural expressions get the best pictures captured for Indian brides. Just relax your shoulders and make the most of your bridal dupatta for classic Indian bridal portraits.

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