15 Bridal Poses to Help You Achieve a Perfect Wedding Album

Bride in south-Indian wedding attire holding a flower garland and giving bridal poses with her family.

Capturing your wedding day looks is indispensable as the girl looks the most gorgeous in her wedding dress. And your wedding album is incomplete without your picturesque bridal portraits.


While you’ll nail your wedding day look in that stunning dress of yours, we’re here to help you nail your bridal pictures with timeless and classic bridal poses.


At One Horizon Productions, we are on a constant lookout to capture the stunning looks of the bride in her breathtaking bridal dress. Her enthusiasm, love, nervousness, and all the other bridal emotions just make the bridal photoshoot a heart-melting experience.

Timeless and classic wedding poses for the bride

Here are some of our all-time favorite bridal poses that ace the wedding bridal photoshoot.

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1. Hold your veil

Your veil or the bridal dupatta is the best prop for your wedding day poses. Look through it, cover your face with it or just hold it to the side, your bridal dupatta will add sparkle to your bridal pose.

2. The one with the reflection

Look in the mirror or just stand near the window, your reflection is as alluring as you.

3. Show off your wedding jewellery

Your bridal photoshoot is incomplete without capturing the polished wedding jewellery you’ve decked yourself up with.

4. The full-length pose

Just stand tall and let the photographer capture your entire look. Your full-length picture will make an amazing bridal portrait.

5. The earing pose

Holding your earrings while looking in the mirror or away from the camera is the all-time wedding photography pose for the bride. It highlights your beauty to the next level.

6. Just twirl around

Enjoy the air and let your lehenga move by twirling around. It’s one of the best bridal poses we love capturing the bride in.

7. Give that cute smile of yours

Think of your to-be husband and give a cute little romantic smile. That smile is the one photographers love capturing.

8. Let the photographer play with the light

Dim lights, dark lights, shadows and whatnot, just look away from the camera and let the photographer capture you in varying lights.

9. The eyes-down pose

The bride looks gorgeous when she looks down, giving the shying pose. It also highlights the beautiful eye makeup you’ve done. You’ll love having it in your wedding album.

10. The getting-ready shots

Behind-the-scenes photos are always lovely, especially the one where the bride is getting ready.

11. The seated pose

Talk about bridal poses in saree or lehenga, just sit down comfortably and admire nature. Your photographer will capture some amazing candids.

12. Laugh your heart out

Brides mustn’t always look shy. Just laugh out loud and give a big big smile. Laughing bridal portraits are stunning and frame-worthy.

13. The close-up shots

Just stand still and let the photographer capture some close-up shots. They make amazing wedding photographs that you’ll forever treasure.

14. The side pose

Not all pictures need to be captured from the front. Look on the side and let the photographer capture those as well.

Nail your wedding album

While candid pictures capture your lovely moments and heartfelt emotions, you cannot just rely on them. Your wedding album is incomplete without your bridal portraits showing off how gorgeous you look.


Wedding bridal photoshoot ensures you get yourself captured in timeless and classic bridal poses that you’ll forever treasure.

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If you’re looking for professional wedding photographers in Bangalore to capture your magnificent bridal poses, contact us. At One Horizon Productions, we know how important your wedding photographs are for you and leave no stone unturned to capture the best ones.

FAQs about Bridal Poses in Wedding

The traditional bridal poses where the bride looks straight into the camera, holds her bridal dupatta, gives a shy smile or just sits like a princess are some timeless and classic bridal poses.

The quirky bridal poses where you show off your style in your wedding dress—wear shoes, show your foodie side, or give your naughty look—are unique bridal poses for you.

Just relax yourself, don’t stiffen up, move naturally and don’t let the camera pressurize you, and you’ll give excellent poses for bridal portraits.

Choose the poses that suit your personality, style and body. For example, if you’re curvy, opt for seated poses that flaunt your beauty, or if you’re too lean, just lie down and let the photographer capture top-angle shots.

Add in props—sunglasses, bridal sandals, bridal robe, or other items with sentimental value and show your style in your bridal photoshoot. 

Letting your natural expressions get the best pictures captured for Indian brides. Just relax your shoulders and make the most of your bridal dupatta for classic Indian bridal portraits.

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