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Wedding Photographers in Bangalore, India a Marathi wedding photography: An upshot of Priyanka and Kunal during their engagement ceremony

Marathi weddings, unlike other Indian weddings, are simple affairs. Lasting not more than two days, Marathi weddings highlight the joy in simplicity. They have minimum rituals and focus on bonding both families. Marathi wedding photography captures classical, traditional, and cheerful Marathi weddings the best.

The inherent simplicity of Marathi weddings makes them stand out. Though simple, Marathi weddings are filled with vibrant colors and music. Marathi’s wedding candid photoshoot captures the love and vibrance of the bride and groom in their hearty laughs.

We, at One Horizon Productions, are one of the Top Wedding photographers in Bangalore, having covered 1500+ weddings. Penning down our 20+ years of experience, we’re building this photography guide for you to nail your wedding album.

Marathi Wedding Photos

Here are some photo poses and ideas we use to make your Marathi wedding stand out in spite of its simplicity:


  • Let our photographers capture the smiles, laughs and simplicity in the Marathi wedding pictures.
  • Candidly capture the shyness and excitement of the bride at Sakra Puda, the engagement ceremony.
  • Keep an eye open for fun and madness at the Haldi ceremony.
  • Capture the special moments when the bridesmaids laughingly shower the bride with water after Haldi.
  • Take pictures of the nervous bride while she is getting ready for the wedding.
  • Capture the smiles and laughs of the bride and groom as they steal glances during the wedding.
  • Portray the pulsating vibes, hearty laughs and picturesque decor in the Marathi wedding photo album.
  • Laughingly capture the Karmasampathi ritual where the bride’s brother playfully twists the groom’s ear and warns him to take care of his sister for life.
  • Take traditional and candid shots at the Mantapa to capture garland exchange and other wedding rituals.

Heartwarming Marathi wedding photos will help you treasure the special memories of your wedding. Look at our gallery of Marathi wedding pictures where the couple radiated modesty, vivacity, and happiness that uplifted everyone’s hearts. 

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At One Horizon Productions, we believe in capturing the simple wedding in classic photographs to make everyone stare at your wedding album with love. We’ve captured over 1500 weddings and understand that it’s the simple moments that the couples want to be treasured.


If you’re looking for Marathi wedding photographers to capture your vibrant wedding, contact us and get a free quote.

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