Indian wedding outdoor photoshoot: Tips & Ideas

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It’s your wedding day, you’re standing in the middle of the beautiful wedding outdoor photoshoot location, wearing your gorgeous wedding dress but are confused about what to pose. Don’t worry! One Horizon Productions is at your rescue.


To help you nail your outdoor wedding photoshoot, we’ve curated these tips and ideas.

At One Horizon Productions, we’re one of the best wedding photographers in Bangalore. Having covered 1500+ weddings, we’re building this photography guide to help you nail your wedding album.

Wedding outdoor photoshoot ideas for stunning pictures

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1. Let the golden hour make the moment magical

One of the best hours for outdoor couple photoshoots is the golden hour. With sun rays sparkling the frame golden, you’ll love the pictures captured during the magical moment.

2. Play with the sunlight

Click the sun-kissed pictures or let the sunlight add shades and shadows to your wedding pictures. The natural lighting during the day will make your marriage outdoor photoshoot a success.

3. Adore the nature around

Be it poses in a saree for outdoor photography or a creative wedding outdoor photoshoot, adoring nature around will give the best-staged candids. 

4. Make most of the clouds

Sky lovers will know how lovely the clouds look as backdrops in pictures, and what more than wedding outdoor photos to capture the cloud patterns?

5. Give the run-away pose

An outdoor photoshoot is incomplete without the running away pose. Experience the moments of joy and laughter as you run with your partner Bollywood style, and let your photographer treasure them.

6. Let nature add serenity to the backdrop

What more than lush green nature making the best backdrop for your wedding couple outdoor photography? You’ll love the serenity it adds to your pictures.

7. Let your classical venue do the talking

You’ve booked a lovely venue for the venue. Make the most of it by having its classic entrance, lovely windows and other photogenic spots adding charm to your photos.

8. Add in friends and cousins in the frame

Wedding photography is incomplete without cousins and friends in the frame. Call them in and have candid moments captured under the open roof.

9. Let the fairy lights add sparkle

Nighttime and fairy lights add so much sparkle to your pictures. Make the most of them with these amazing outdoor wedding photography ideas:

10. Allow the darkness of the night to enlighten your pictures

Who said only daylight allows for beautiful pictures? Night darkness also makes your photos lovely and adorable. Look at the ones we’ve captured:

11. Give the classic Arundhati pose

South Indian weddings are incomplete without the Arundathi Nakshatra ritual. And the ritual makes an amazing pose for clicking outdoor wedding photos.

FAQs around marriage outdoor photoshoot

Choose nature and classic venue spots as backdrops, let flowers, leaves, sunlight, etc., act as natural props, and adore the scenery around you while clicking the pictures. These will make the photos look natural and elegant.

While anytime is a good time to take pictures in a natural setting, we absolutely love the sunrise and sunset times and the golden hour for the best outdoor wedding photoshoot. During this time, the natural lighting enhances your photos to make them magical.

Use nature as props, let your personality shine, give the classic Bollywood poses and be yourself. These will allow your photographer to get creative and capture some amazing candids you’ll love.

Make the most of your outdoor wedding photoshoot

You deserve to capture the best pictures on your wedding day, and what more than an outdoor wedding photoshoot for it? We hope the above ideas help you nail your outdoor photography and capture frame-worthy portraits.


If you loved our photography and want us to capture your special day, contact us. At One Horizon Productions, we’re professional wedding photographers in Bangalore, helping you treasure your once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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