Stunning lehenga poses for bride to nail her wedding photoshoot

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Wearing a lehenga adds a desi look and highlights your beauty like none other. And if it’s the bridal lehenga, it is the look of a lifetime. You don’t want to get your super gorgeous look not captured due to lack of poses. So, we are putting together eye-catching lehenga poses that’ll help you click stunning photos. Check them out!

At One Horizon Productions, we’re one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Bangalore, with 20+ years of experience. Penning down our experience, we’re building this photography guide to help you click stunning photos.

Lehenga Poses Ideas to steal your Partner’s Heart

Table of Contents

1. The traditional lehenga pose

Call it traditional poses or the Sabyasachi pose. These are classic poses that result in frame-worthy portraits. You’ll love the beauty and attitude these poses carry.

2. The twirling lehenga pose for bride

Well, the lehenga is meant to twirl. It spreads across wide and flowy, adding vibrant colours and an elegant look to your staged candids. 

3. The look-away pose

Don’t focus on the camera lens always. Instead, look into the vast sky or get lost in a faraway land of your imagination. It will allow your photographers to capture gorgeous pictures from varying angles.

4. Lehenga poses ideas with groom

The best bridal lehenga poses with the groom are the ones where the groom stands behind the bride. It highlights your lehenga, and you cover the majority of the frame, making it an amazing photograph.

5. The getting ready pose

Behind-the-scenes or getting-ready poses are one of the best lehenga poses for the photoshoot. They show the process and act like teasers for your final lehenga look. These days, people are keenly interested in behind-the-scenes shots.

6. Highlight the wedding Jewellery pose

A bridal lehenga is incomplete without bridal jewellery. And you can flaunt it with poses that beautifully display them. Like closing half your face with a hand, close-up shots, playing with the bangles and anklets, etc.

7. The showing your style pose

If you’re tired of looking for lehenga pose ideas, come up with your own. Depict your personality and style in your pictures, and you’ll be flooded with unique ideas. Leave the traditional, be quirky and show off your style.

8. The seated pose

Spread your bridal lehenga across the floor and sit down. It’s one of the classic poses that shows off the intricate details of your wedding lehenga. Here, the top angle shots will capture Instagram-worthy photos you’ll absolutely love.

9. Make your lehenga the prop

For simple lehenga poses, make your lehenga the prop. Hold the veil in various ways, spread the lehenga on the stairs while you sit, or just hold it as if you’re running away. You have a spectacular prop at your disposal. Make the most of it.

Show off your lehenga in style

Looking at lehenga poses way before the lehenga photoshoot will allow you to style it in the way you want it to be captured. You’ll be confident and not stand there waiting awkwardly for your photographer to guide you for a pose. It’ll also help you become comfortable and not nervous about the camera pressure around you.

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FAQs about lehenga poses

To look slim in lehenga, all you’ve to do is to opt for compact poses instead of wider ones. Here are some examples:
You can cross your legs with one at the front and the other at the back
Twirl around and let your lehenga cover the frame.
Spread the lehenga and take distant or close-up shots.
A slight change in photographic angle will make you look slimmer in a lehenga. Ask your photographer to click top, bottom and side-angled photos.

Definitely a YES! You can opt for a crop top as a blouse and go dupatta-free. Even brides these days wear crop tops and lehenga without dupatta for wedding functions that don’t require your veil for any rituals.

The hairstyle you choose for the lehenga depends on how you’re going to style it. If you’ve to cover the head with the veil, you can opt for a bun or a half pony that can support it. If not, you can leave your hair down and try the hairstyles that complement the look you’re trying to create with the lehenga.

Choose warm and dark shades like red, pink, yellow, orange, royal blue, green, and other bright colours. Avoid grey and other dull shades, as they tend to make the photo look dull.

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