Trending and stylist Pre wedding shoot dress ideas for stunning photos

pre wedding shoot dress ideas for stunning photos

Looking for the perfect outfit for your pre-wedding shoot? Look no further! We’ve rounded up some amazing pre wedding shoot dress ideas to help you look your best and feel comfortable in front of the camera.


From flowy gowns to dapper suits, our selection includes outfits for every style and taste. So, whether you’re going for a romantic beach shoot or a trendy urban shoot, you’ll find something that suits your personality and captures the essence of your love story.


Don’t miss out on these inspiring outfit ideas to make your pre-wedding shoot unforgettable!

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Capturing your love: Pre wedding outfit ideas for every season and location

1. Classic and timeless outfit ideas

Classic dresses and suits are timeless outfits you’ll always find in trend. They add elegance and grace to your pre-wedding shoot. You can go completely traditional or add a modern touch with indo-western outfits.


Some evergreen outfit ideas for bride-to-be are:


  • Elegant solid colour floor length gowns
  • Traditional subtle coloured lehengas
  • Wedding gowns
  • Indian lehengas with contemporary blouses
  • Traditional sarees

Some evergreen outfit ideas for the groom-to-be are:


  • Three-piece suits or tuxedos
  • Traditional silk kurtas
  • Formal business outfit
  • Traditional kurta set with full or half jacket

2. Free-spirited and romantic styles

These are pre-wedding shoot dresses that showcase your relaxed and unconventional style. They emphasise your free-spiritedness, individuality, and love for nature. Dresses of these kinds are usually flowy and loose-fitting garments made of lightweight and comfortable material.


Some free-spirited outfit ideas for bride-to-be are:


  • Maxi dresses
  • Long gowns or skirts
  • Peasant blouses

Some free-spirited outfit ideas for groom-to-be are:


  • Linen shirts and cotton pants
  • Floral print shirts
  • Plain earthy coloured shirts and T-shirts
  • Loafers or boots to finish the look

3. Elegant and sophisticated ensembles

These attires are formal, giving a polished look. They feature clean lines, tailored cuts and high-quality materials. Sophisticated ensembles create a timeless look that exudes confidence in your pre-wedding pictures.


Some examples of these kinds of attires for the bride-to-be include fitted dresses or pantsuits, high heels, and understated jewellery. For the groom-to-be, it may include a tailored suit, dress shoes, and a classic tie or pocket square.

4. Casual and comfortable attire

These are relaxed outfits for natural and authentic shots. If you’re planning an in-house or indoor shoot, these are the best picks. They create homely vibes and allow you and your partner to click comfortable shots.


Some ideas for such pre-wedding shoot dresses are knee-length one-piece, printed t-shirts, casual denim, your pyjamas, bathrobes and other similar ones.

5. Modern and trendy outfit inspirations

These fashionable outfits are just the perfect pick for a contemporary pre-wedding shoot. They are usually brightly coloured and add boldness to your pictures. With vibrant colours and city glam, trendy outfits bring life to your pre-wedding shoot. 


Some fashion-forward pre-wedding outfit ideas for 2024 are short skirts, dungarees, round neck t-shirts with open jackets, hoodies, crop tops and shorts and similar one-pieces.

6. Colour-coordinated couple looks

Coordinating your partner’s looks brings out perfect harmony in your pre-wedding photos. You can wear the same shade of clothes or the completely same clothes and accessories. Or you can also opt for coordinating with same shade jackets, dupattas, or shirts instead of the complete outfit.

7. Bollywood inspired attires

Who doesn’t love wearing the same outfits as your favourite Bollywood couple? You can choose glamorous dresses or casual outfits from your favourite movie and bring them to life. Some Bollywood pre-wedding dressing ideas are trail gowns, infinity gowns, jackets and winter wear, casual shirts and outfits.

8. Vintage-inspired outfits for a retro vibe

Outfits that give the retro look are in trend these days for pre-wedding shoots. Couples love wearing clothes similar to their parents’ wedding outfits. You can choose Indian vintage wear or Western vintage wear—both add timeless charm to your chemistry.


Sarees, gowns, tuxedos, short kurtas, suits, long jeans and whatnot, you’ve plenty of options to get the retro look. If not the outfit, you can add props like cowboy hats, traditional jewellery, or vintage-themed background to make a perfect retro-themed pre-wedding photoshoot.

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FAQs around pre wedding shoot dress ideas

We usually refer our clients to rentals where they can find trendy couple dresses for pre-wedding at a fraction of MRP. Most pre-wedding photographers in Bangalore do the same. They’ve tie-ups with local rentals, who they refer to you.

Start with deciding the theme for your pre-wedding shoot. Once you have a theme in place, it’s easy to select outfits. You can discuss with your partner their likes and dislikes and with your photographer about what dresses and colours will be the best for your pre-wedding shoot location.

Casual pre-wedding dresses include t-shirts, jeans, knee-length one-pieces, round-neck t-shirts and more.

Nail your pre wedding shoot with these awesome dress ideas

Deciding your wardrobe will help you pair perfectly with your partner and have the dream pre-wedding shoot you always wanted. We hope the above trendy outfit ideas help you choose the perfect pre wedding shoot dresses. If you don’t want to buy these for one time wear, you can get your pre-wedding dresses for rent.

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