Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses: Unique and Trending for 2023

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses: A guide to the types of poses by one horizon productions

Planning your pre-wedding shoot but are unable to decide on the poses? With the pressure to capture the perfect pre-wedding photos, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones. Don’t worry, we’ve put together the only guide you’ll need to nail your pre wedding photoshoot poses.


As the best pre-wedding photographers in Bangalore, we’re about to share our top tips, ideas, and poses to make your pre-wedding photoshoot unforgettable. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by our collection of pre-wedding photoshoot poses!


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Here are different pre wedding shoot poses for you to explore: From Candid To Silhouette

Here’s our collection of real couple pre-wedding photoshoot poses to inspire you:

Classic poses that never go out of style

These Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses are for every couple out there, even if they’re camera-shy. These are traditional poses with a modern touch that are forever in trend. You’ll want your love captured in these all-time favourite poses.

1. The backward hug

Be it with a kiss or without a kiss, a backward hug pose depicts a lovely connection.

2. Just stand and pose

Be it beside your partner or behind them, all you need to do is stand and smile. This pose is never going out of trend.

3. The forehead kiss

The forehead kiss adds comfort to your photos. You’ll love treasuring these moments in your pre-wedding album.

4. Sit down and smile

The all-time classic pose—just sit down and smile. It gives a royal look to your pre-wedding pictures.

5. Just lean in

Lean onto your partner, tree, bench or any other prop around you, and that’s another classic pose for your pre-wedding shoot.

6. The twirling pose

Let your partner twirl you, or you twirl and let your partner look at you from a distance.

Creative, unconventional and fun poses for a unique photoshoot

These Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses are candid poses at different locations that showcase your love, personality and the bond you share with your partner. Think of the things you like and want to make a part of for unconventional poses. You can add props to make the photos creative and unique.

1. Let the props and backdrop do the talking

If you don’t want to go extravagant, opt for a minimalistic shoot. Embrace the beauty and simplicity of nature around you and spend quality time with your partner.

Bollywood-inspired poses for picture-perfect shots

Want to add a touch of glamour and drama to your Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses? Bollywood-inspired poses are the best. They’ll add the extra layer of larger-than-life romance to your photoshoot.

1. The running shot

Be it running away or running together, they add drama to your pre-wedding pictures.

2. The looking-away shot

Look away from the camera, be it looking in opposite directions or the same. The looking away shot is one of the classic Bollywood couple poses for a pre-wedding shoot.

3. The back-to-back pose

Remember the DDLJ poster of Kajol and SRK? The back-to-back pose adds the same glamour to your photographs.

4. The flying dupatta/saree pose

How can Bollywood songs end without the endlessly long dupatta flying into the sky? Don’t forget to pack a pre-wedding shoot dress like an infinity or trail gown to bring the flying dupatta feel to your photos.

Candid poses to capture your personality as a couple

Candid poses—fun, intense or romantic—add movement to your photos. They capture real emotions and help you treasure those unforgettable moments of love and togetherness. Here are some ideas for amazing candid Pre Wedding Photoshoot poses for a pre-wedding shoot:

1. Let your back face the camera

2. Walk hand in hand with your partner

3. Just sit down and have a casual conversation

Silhouette poses for stunning shots

Silhouette Pre Wedding Photoshoot poses are about the lighting to create dramatic and romantic shots. All you need to do is stand close to your partner and let the photographer play with the lights, camera, and action

Romantic poses for your pre-wedding photoshoot

1. Look into your partner’s eyes

2. Get closer to your partner

3. Minimalist and simple poses that make a big impact

Here are some poses for non-extravagant couples who love simple and serene photographs. The simple poses capture the lovely moments you’ll never want to miss.

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FAQs about Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses

Romantic and cute couple pre-wedding poses are in trend these days. Some of the best poses are the iconic backward hug, the intense anticipation of the kiss pose, the hand-in-hand walk pose, the cute stare pose and the classic dip pose. You can add your style and personality to these poses and make them unique to you.

Creative pre-wedding poses for couples are the ones where you add different props and ideas that are unique to your bond. You can do the panipuri contest if you’re a panipuri lover, or a pushup challenge if you’re a fitness freak, and let the photographer capture creative photos.

A pre-wedding shoot is your choice and your way of capturing your love. There are no rules around poses you should and shouldn’t give. However, avoid the poses you feel uncomfortable with and discuss those with your partner and photographer in advance.

Capture breathing pre-wedding photographs

Your pre wedding photos are more than just pictures—they’re a testament to your love story. And we understand the pressure of capturing those perfect moments. That’s the reason we curated this pre wedding photoshoot poses guide for you.


We’ll guide you through the entire process, from selecting the perfect location to choosing the poses that reflect your unique style and personality. Our goal is to capture the essence of your love in every picture, so you can look back on these memories for years to come.


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