An Intimate Hindu-Christian Wedding At Sacred Hearts Church and then At ITC Gardenia.


We love sharing stories as much as we love photoshoots, this one is about a Hindu Christian Wedding we shot in December of 2020.


The adorable couple Ganapathy Bhat and Rachel Chung met in 2018 through mutual friends. They both loved traveling and got lucky to see the dancing lights AKA the northern lights in Norway. They wanted to travel at least twice a year and decided to do it together.


They were finally ready for their big day in 2020. With the many restrictions of Covid, it was so difficult to travel. They used the opportunity to plan their Hindu-Christian Wedding when restrictions were not many restrictions.


It was an intimate wedding with just their close family and friends held at Church and then at ITC Gardenia with 2 out of 3 main events hosted by them.

Traditional Christian Wedding

First was Christian ceremony, which started with groom and his best men going to bride’s house to pick her up. The bride’s uncle had to put on a tiara as a sign of good luck before the groom saw her for the first time in wedding attire. That certainly was magical and most lively which gave us a chance to capture some candid moments.


Then next was time for them to pray the ancestors of the family as a part of their Christian tradition. That was a divine moment and we had a chance to capture the most serene moments.


Finally was the time for best men to drive the couple to Sacred Heart Church for traditional Christian ceremonies. Church father declared the couple husband and wife.

Hindu Wedding at ITC Gardenia in Bangalore

Later they went to the ITC Gardenia for the highly anticipated high tea ceremony. High tea is a reception where the elders of the Chinese family bless the newlyweds with gifts to the bride and groom.


And then was the time for beginning the traditional Hindu wedding that Rachel always fancied. She was eager to see how and why weddings are a remarkable part of the Hindu culture. It was like a fairy-tale come true moment for her.

The basic Hindu rituals started at the Groom’s home followed by Haldi & Mehndi in the evening. The decor was very elegant and simplistic with beautiful pink flowers which was perfect for the evening light  and that helped us capture the most vibrant moments. 


Couple were just enjoying the love of family and friends and looked so happy. So we captured those moments of pure love. 


The couple who were in monochrome earlier are now dazzling with traditional saree and panche. The moment when they exchanged garlands the who vibe changed to playful mood. Everyone at the venue were enjoying and counting how many times the bride tried. They lifted both bride and groom making it challenging. Team bride wins in just one attempt and were laughing with pride. We tried to capture all those funny moments.


This was followed by the ritual of three knots, which is the most important part of a Hindu wedding.  By the end of all this, Rachel’s family was overwhelmed by all the traditions and understood why Indian weddings are full of rituals. 


We feel all these traditions and rituals are beautiful because of the people involved in it. Afterall it’s people who bring life to all these. While traditions are a wonderful experience, weddings like this where two different traditions meet are beyond magical. And we are so grateful that we got an opportunity to capture all their moments in this Hindu-Christian Wedding.

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