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A Photographer's tale

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A Photographer's tale

This brand film narrates the journey of one of our co-founders. It begins in a small village, where he embarked on a quest for a better life, driven by the desire to support his single mother who worked as a daily wage laborer in a paddy field. From various odd jobs, including construction and cleaning, he saved enough to purchase a camera, setting the stage for a successful 20-year photography career. Today, he helps others like him in forging their paths to a better life.

Following Nandeesh's story, discover the experiences of some skilled OHP team members whose lives have been shaped by their connection with us and their role in our company.

Govindh Raj

Senior video editor

My journey in the creative field started with designing movie posters. My dislike of studies pushed me to leave home and move to Mysore, where I started my path to the creative world.


Someone asked me if I could edit wedding videos, and I said yes, even though I hadn’t done it before. With creative work, that’s how it was. If anyone asked us if we could do something, we said yes and then figured out how to get it done. Poster designs. Logo designs. You name it, I’ve done it.

The client liked my video editing and hired me for a full-time job. That’s how my journey as a video editor began.


After working there for about 3 years, I got an offer from One Horizon Productions. I accepted it, moved to Bengaluru and currently work as a Senior Candid Video Editor.


There is creative freedom here and a sense of teamwork. I usually preferred having my own space while editing, but coming here, I have become part of a team working towards a single goal.

Manjunath Obaji

Album and photo editor

I was always interested in photography. When my friend forwarded an opportunity to work in the field, I left my corporate job to pursue it. That’s how my journey as a photographer and editor began.


Initially, the world of photography seemed difficult. But as I learned the basics, worked hard and improved my skills, I started loving the profession. After working as a full-timer and freelancer for about 8 years, I received an offer from One Horizon Productions. I accepted the offer and joined the company. 


OHP has professionalism, team bond, scale of operations and a creative environment. Currently, I work here as an Album and Photo Editor here and have seen tremendous growth in my skills and professional conduct.

Sundre Gowda

Cinematographer and editor

My journey started as a light boy in 2013. I had no idea about photography or editing when I entered the field. 


Working as a light boy and an assistant, my interest in cameras sparked. I started learning about various camera options and how to use them. As my interest grew, I put in the hard work, learned the basics, and started my career as a freelance videographer and editor.


After working as a freelancer for about 7 years, I received an offer from One Horizon Productions. I accepted it and started upskilling to sharpen my videography skills. 


Currently, I am a Cinematographer, Candid Videographer and Editor at OHP. There’s an inclusive culture and care for employees here. I like how they are willing to provide training, resources, guidance and support for employees without any discrimination.

Ravi Melligeri

Candid photo editor

I hail from a small town in Bagalkot, North Karnataka. I moved to Bangalore to pursue sound engineering and become a music composer. However, I didn’t find any good institute. So, I started learning animation and later joined a photography course.


After completing the course, I joined a studio as an assistant/light boy. I wanted to grow my career, so started learning and practicing editing. That’s when my editing journey started.


I started as a freelance editor at the studio and later approached One Horizon Productions. I liked the working environment here, and the founders liked my work. 


Currently, I work as a Candid Photo Editor at OHP. Here, the founders have great care for the employees. They respond to all our queries, consider our suggestions, look into our problems and ensure they are solved.

Nagaraj Sthavaramat

Candid video editor

As a high school kid, I used to visit my uncle’s studio and assist him during photoshoots. That’s when I fell in love with the photography field. While in college, I shot events and fests. I also worked on my editing skills in my free time.


However, I wasn’t sure if I could make a living out of photography. So, I became a mechanical engineer and took up a job as a quality manager. But I didn’t feel passionate about it.


So, I quit my job and started looking for an opportunity in the editing field. That’s when I came across a vacancy at One Horizon Productions and applied for it. They liked my interview and sample work and hired me.


Currently, I work as a Candid Video Editor at the company. There’s an amazing learning platform here. The senior editors willingly teach freshers and help them build a career. I knew only basic editing, but today I work with various software and have learnt professional editing.

Shanta M V

Traditional video editor

My parents, farmers in a small town in Mandya, did everything they could to provide me with a good education. They sent me to Bangalore for higher studies. Here I started doing small jobs to fund my education and build a career.


My journey in the editing field started when I approached Nandeesh Anna for a job. Despite my lack of experience in the field, he invited me to join One Horizon Productions and offered a 3-month training period to learn the skills.


After completing my training, I joined OHP as a full-time employee. Today, I work as an Editor and am happy to build a career in this field.


The company has excellent senior editors willing to train new employees and help them build bright careers.