Ambaari Wedding Venue Details [Price, Contact and Facilities]

Wedding venue is the crux of your special day. It decides the backdrop of photos and the comfort of guests, dictating the wedding vibes. Finding the right venue amongst a plethora of options can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of wedding venues in Bangalore.


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In this blog, we cover everything about Ambaari wedding venue in detail.

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Ambaari wedding venue, Bangalore: An Overview

If you’re looking for a heritage venue for your special day, Ambaari is the one to meet your needs. Ambaari wedding venue is the perfect venue to fill your wedding with a beautiful combination of contemporary and traditional vibes. It is designed to fill your special day with a grand celebration in cultural settings. 


It is a dream destination styled in Deccan architecture that holds age-old Deccan traditions and culture. With a magnificent banquet hall and luscious lawn area, Ambaari is a beautiful outdoor wedding venue in Bangalore. It is just the right place for luxurious weddings in Bangalore. 


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Features of Ambaari wedding venue

  • Ambaari wedding venue is a perfect place for luxurious weddings with state-of-art interiors and lush green exteriors.
  • With a beautiful pond amidst contemporary architecture, Ambaari is Bangalore’s most-sought after heritage wedding venue.
  • It is spacious and can hold large gatherings with ease.
  • Styled in the rich Deccan theme, Ambaari is a perfect blend of modern amenities in traditional settings.

It has a creative team and friendly staff that makes your special day warm and welcoming.

Ambaari wedding venue photos

Ambaari wedding hall in Bangalore fills your wedding album with eye-catching photographs that you’ll love forever. The picturesque location with its cultural architecture will add shine to your wedding. Look at this mesmerising venue:

outdoor view of ambaari wedding venue
Ambaari Wedding venue Decor
heritage architect of Ambaari wedding venue
Ambaari, an outdoor wedding venue in Bangalore

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Ambaari wedding venue price

The starting price of Ambaari wedding hall in Bangalore is ₹ 7,00,000. They provide end-to-end wedding services at competitive prices. You can visit the venue or contact the venue manager to avail of packages that suit your needs.

Ambaari wedding venue address

Ambaari heritage and contemporary venue is located on the outskirts of Bangalore, not far away from the main city. You can reach the venue at

No. 33, Gollahalli Village, 

Bannerghatta Main Road, 

Bengaluru – 560 083. 

Direction to Ambaari wedding hall

Ambaari wedding venue contact details

If you’re looking to book Ambaari heritage venue in Bangalore for your special day, here are their contact details. Book it well in advance as it is in high demand during the wedding season.

Wedding Booking Form

Ambaari wedding venue facilities

Here are the facilities you can avail at the heritage venue:


Ambaari wedding hall Capacity:

The spacious main hall has a seating capacity of 850 and can accommodate up to 1500 floating crowds. With its magnificent outdoor lawn area spread across two acres, Ambaari wedding venue can hold up to 3000 guests at once and is perfect if you want to hold a large gathering.


Food type:


Ambaari wedding hall allows vegetarian food only. It doesn’t allow non-vegetarian food preparation and serving. You’ll have to decide on a vegetarian menu only.


Parking facilities: 


Ambaari has sufficient parking space on its premises. It can hold up to 50 vehicles with ease.


Accommodation facilities:


Ambaari has magnificent accommodation facilities. It has separate bride and groom suites named ‘Raja’ and ‘Rani’, respectively, that are exclusively designed to match the moods of the bride and groom. It also has 13 signature rooms for guests that are spacious and make your guests comfortable.


Other facilities:


  • Ambaari also has Atma, a Tirtha Kalyani Pond, that adds to its heritage settings.
  • End-to-end wedding services
  • Spacious dining hall

Ambaari wedding hall Policies

  • Payment and cancellation policy:

Ambaari wedding venue has a 50% advance policy. You need to make the remaining payment on the wedding day. You can contact the venue manager to know about the cancellation and refund policy.


  • Decor policy:

The venue has fabulous in-house decorators who make your theme wedding come alive. They also allow for outside decorators. You can book the ones you feel are right.


  • Catering policy:

The heritage venue has flexible catering policies. You can book their in-house caterers or an outside caterer, whichever suits you the best. However, only vegetarian cooking is allowed on the premises.


  • Alcohol policy:

Ambaari wedding venue does not allow alcohol on its premises.


  • Late-night policy:

Late-night music and events are not allowed at Ambaari wedding venue, as the venue is located on Bannerghatta main road.

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Ambaari is a most-sought after wedding venue in Bangalore. Book it well in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

While Ambaari is the perfect heritage wedding venue in Bangalore, you can check out a few other venues before finalising. Visiting a few venues and getting quotes will give you a better idea of your venue requirements.

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FAQs about Ambaari wedding hall

1. What is unique about Ambaari wedding hall?

Ambaari is a perfect blend of contemporary and heritage architecture. It has a spacious hall and a luscious lawn area with a well-maintained pond. With friendly staff and comfortable accommodation facilities, the Deccan-themed wedding venue steals everyone’s heart.

2. What kind of events can be hosted at Ambaari wedding venue?

Ambaari is a spacious event venue with top-notch facilities. It is a perfect venue for pre-wedding and wedding celebrations, corporate events, photo shoots, birthday parties, naming ceremonies and all other intimate and grand events. The heritage venue also allows for small intimate gatherings with as few as 50 people.

3. Does Ambaari wedding hall allow external vendors for weddings and other events?

Ambaari wedding hall has flexible policies for external vendors. It has in-house decorators and caterers who match your requirements, but you are free to book external vendors of your choice. They also have a creative team that provides end-to-end wedding services, including caterers, decorators, photographers, guest accommodation and a DJ. You can book the venue with its all-in-one solution to enjoy a hassle-free wedding.

4. Are overnight weddings and events allowed at Ambaari heritage venue?

Yes, overnight weddings and events are allowed at Ambaari wedding hall. However, late-night music and havans are not allowed as it is on Bannerghatta main road, which is in the vicinity of the national park. You’ll have to wind up the event by 10 PM and can start the next day’s events early in the morning.

5. What are Ambaari wedding venue’s customer reviews?

Ambaari wedding venue has excellent customer reviews. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 across all social media and review platforms. Couples love the friendly management, beautiful ambience, traditional landscaping, well-maintained and hygienic event areas, and warm hospitality among all its other services. Customers also find Ambaari a serene venue with mesmerising views during nightfall.

6. How many months in advance should I book the Ambaari wedding hall?

Ambaari wedding hall is one of Bangalore’s top heritage venues and is in high demand during the wedding season. It is advised to book the wedding venue at least 5 to 6 months in advance. You can contact the venue manager to know more about its booking policies and availability.

7. Is Ambaari a heritage wedding venue?

Yes, Ambaari is one of the best heritage wedding venues in Bangalore with a Deccan theme. Its contemporary yet traditional architecture that combines 4000-year-old Deccan culture is an ode to India’s culture and heritage. The wedding venue is an ideal location for couples looking to celebrate their wedding in traditional settings.

8. Does Ambaari wedding venue have a pond?

At the heart of Ambaari wedding hall, it has a magnificent pond. Known as Atma, it is a Tirtha Kalyani Pond that fills the place with tranquillity. The pond adds serene vibes to this heritage wedding venue.


The prices mentioned are just to give you an idea of the price range you can expect. contact the planners and discuss your exact requirements to get a definite quote.

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