An engagement with the stunning couple and their amazing chemistry | Shivani and Sanketh

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Shivani and Sanketh exchanging rings during the engagement ceremony

The engagement ceremony is the stepping stone in every couple’s life. The joy of parents’ acceptance and butterflies of the courtship period fill hearts with love. At Shivani and Sanketh’s engagement, we witnessed undeniable love and incredible chemistry. The stunning couple radiated warmth and fulfillment that lit everyone’s faces. Vividus Hotels and its gorgeous decor perfectly complemented the passionate couple. It added shine and glory to the engagement ceremony. 


The graceful and modest pairing looked like an energetic couple who would leave no stone unturned to accomplish their dreams and goals together. Shivani was confident and passionate, radiating warmth that instantly made everyone comfortable. Sanketh was humble and assured, supporting Shivani in every step.


All our candid snaps depict the limitless love and support the couple held for each other.

Here is their story in the words of Shivani-


Our journey began around 10 months ago. Little did we know it would grow into something filling our worlds with each other.


Everything started with an introductory phone call meant to last two minutes. But with the right person, 2 minutes can lead to 2 hours. From 2 hours to 3,4,5, sometimes all night wasn’t enough to share our stories.


The fact that we lived in different states was a big concern for us and our family. However, we grew to learn that none would stop the other from pursuing individual dreams. We are fortunate to find life partners who understand the importance of individual professional journeys.


The support system we hold for each other is only possible because of the immense support we get from our parents, to whom we are forever thankful. This odyssey is set to sail, and our new story is set to begin. We are embarking on this journey called marriage, which will be both a blessing and a challenge.

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