Why booking a wedding photographer early must be your priority

When it comes to wedding planning, one common mistake we’ve seen couples make is booking wedding photographers at a later stage. And most of them regret this decision.

Imagine this: You found the perfect wedding photographer to shoot your wedding. But they’re already booked on your wedding day. Or they are a little over your budget. And as you’ve already booked other vendors, you cannot make adjustments to your budget now.


Would you be happy compromising on the only tangible memories of your big day?


While choosing the wedding venue, decorators, caterers and makeup artists is a priority, you must give equal importance to wedding photographers. They are the ones who will capture your special moments. The ones who will craft visual narratives of your big day. 


So, before you make the mistake of leaving wedding photographers for later, let’s explore why hiring a wedding photographer early is essential.

Reasons why you must choose a wedding photographer well in advance

They can understand your wedding vision

When you associate with a photographer early, they have the time to understand your wedding vision. They get to know your preferences. The theme and style you want. Some special moments you don’t want to miss.


At OHP, we have dedicated relationship managers who ensure all your requirements are perfectly documented. So you can enjoy your special day without any hassle. And all your pictures are just the way you want.

You can understand their working style

Every wedding photographer has their own working style. Some may have systems and processes in place. Some may not. We have well-organised workflows which allow you to leave all the burden on our shoulders without any worries.


When you reach out to us early, you have the time to conduct multiple interactions and understand our workflows. However, at later stages, this becomes difficult. You have less time and are hurrying with other last wedding preparations.

You can get a pre-wedding shoot done

Pre-wedding shoots are the best way to spend quality time with your partner and establish a rapport with your photographer. That’s the reason why it is gaining immense popularity.


Booking a photographer early will leave you with ample time to plan your pre-wedding shoot. You can choose the location of your choice. Plan multiple outfits. Discuss angles and poses with the photographer. And whatnot.

Ensure seamless coordination

The beauty of photography also depends on the other vendors. For instance, we coordinate with makeup artists for behind-the-scenes shots, with decorators to understand backdrops and venue providers for spaces with good lighting.


Early association allows us to work closely with other vendors. It ensures seamless coordination and smooth flow of events.

They’re available on your D-day

Seasoned wedding photographers are booked well in advance. And during the peak wedding season in India, most photographers’ schedules fill up quickly.


Reaching out to your favourite photographer early will ensure they’re available on your wedding day. And you can secure their services.


We recommend booking wedding photographers at least 6 to 8 months in advance. This ensures you have the time to talk to multiple photographers and decide whom you want to go ahead with.


At One Horizon Productions, we book on a first-come, first-serve basis. And are booked 6 to 8 months in advance.

Bottomline: Book your wedding photographer in advance

As you plan your wedding, you’ll have to make countless decisions. And deciding to book your wedding photographer in advance will be a crucial one.

We repeat: Your wedding photos are the only tangible memories of your special day. By booking your photographer early, you grab the awesome opportunity to make them more personalised and captivating.

You’re not just reserving the photographer. You’re investing in the lasting memories of your love story. Remember that the early bird doesn’t just get the worm—it gets the perfect shot too.

So, make the smart choice, secure your wedding photographer early, and cherish the timeless memories captured on your special day.

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