Chamara vajra, Bangalore: A Elegent wedding Venue & Photos

Shivani and Sanketh Wedding Photography at Chamara Vajra Bangalore
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Chamara Vajra is a magnificent wedding venue in Palace Grounds Bangalore. It adds a royal touch to your wedding celebrations. Read to know more about the venue and our wedding photography experience shooting a mix-culture Gowda wedding at Chamara Vajra.

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How is Chamara vajra for wedding venues?

Chamara vajra is a spectacular Palace Ground wedding venue. It has three different spaces—Mukta, Marakata, and Maanikya—available based on your requirements.


  • Mukta is an outdoor venue for small and medium-sized events. It can accommodate 600 to 1000 people.
  • Maanikya is an indoor hall with a capacity of 1000 to 3000 people. It also has technical facilities for presentations, seminars, and other corporate events.
  • Marakata is their largest open space. It is a lavish lawn that can hold up to 10000 people. It is apt for large gatherings.

The picturesque place is an ideal venue for weddings, receptions, corporate seminars, exhibitions and other events.

Chamara Vajra Photos

What facilities can I avail at this venue?

The wedding venue has around 14 rooms available for accommodation and a parking facility that can hold 700 vehicles. Other facilities include catering, a separate dining hall, DJ, valet parking etc. Both veg and non-veg food and alcohol are permitted at the venue. 


The highlights are its cooperative and supportive staff that ensures your event is memorable.

What is Price range?

Chamara Vajra’s price starts from INR 1.8 lakhs for a day. They provide end-to-end wedding services along with the venue. You can contact the venue manager and discuss your requirements to get a definite quote. We ensure it offers facilities worth every penny.

Chamara Vajra Contact details

If you are looking to book the gorgeous place to make your event memorable, contact them through the following means.


Wedding photography at Chamara vajra Bangalore

Shivani and Sanketh, our bride and groom, longed to bind their love by the sacred thread of marriage. It was heart-warming to capture those lovely moments that they will forever treasure. An exquisite wedding venue in Bangalore, was chosen to be the place for our love birds to tie the knot.

Shivani, our Gujarati-Gowda bride, had first spoken to her soulmate (10)ten months ago. It was a 2-min introduction call set up by Shivani’s sister. Little did she know that a two-minute conversation would convert into a lifetime partnership. Their differences in state or culture could not overcome their love for one another. 


Shivani and Sanketh were an ideal match because they understood the significance of individual dreams and professional growth. It helped them gain the support of their family.

In open ground, amidst the greenery of this venue, Shivani and Sanketh took their vows following the Gowda rituals.


The rituals started with our bride worshipping the goddesses and gaining their blessings. Her mother helped her perform the pooja. Shivani’s parents welcomed the groom with a garland and washed his feet as per the traditions.


Shivani looked incredibly beautiful in the red silk saree draped in South-Indian style. Sanketh, on the other hand, complimented Shivani’s red saree with a fine white sherwani.

Surrounded by friends and family, Shivani and Sanketh took their vows. Everyone enjoyed the couple showering each other with rice marking the beginning of a new life. The ceremony ended with the bride and groom playing games arranged by their friends and cousins.


With our professional wedding photography, the One Horizon Productions team captured the couple’s most treasured moments. And Chamara Vajra, the exquisite venue, became the witness of love reaching a new milestone.


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