Sandhya and Srinivas’s Tranquil Wedding at Ganjam Mantapa

Groom holding bride’s hand for Paanigraham ritual

Known for their meaningful rituals and ceremonies, Tamil Brahmin weddings exhibit grandeur and homely vibes simultaneously. They overflow with splendour, pomp, rituals and traditions. Our enthusiastic couple, Sandhya and Srinivas, married as per Tamil Brahmin rituals at Ganjam Mantapa. We thoroughly enjoyed capturing all the high emotions and age-old rituals in the lovely traditional ambience.

Tamil Brahmin wedding photography

Sandhya and Srinivas started their wedding day with numerous rituals, including Mangala Snanam, Gowri Pooja, Kashi Yatra and Var Pooja. However, they were unable to see each other until the Maalai Matral ritual. Their eyes locked, and their lips gave a lovely smile upon seeing each other.


With a lot of fun and pomp, the couple exchanged flower garlands and proceeded towards Oonjal. It is a ritual where the couple sits on the wooden swing and is offered banana and milk. The swing symbolises the ups and downs of life the couple will face in their life ahead.


It was followed by Kannika Dhaanam and Mangalya Dharanam rituals. Here, our bride sat on her father’s lap, and her father handed over his daughter’s responsibilities to the groom. The groom then tied Mangalsutra around her neck and held her hand (Paanigraham) to take seven steps around the holy fire (Saptapadi). Followed by Ammi Midithal and Arundathi Nakshatram, their Tamil Brahmin wedding concluded.


Capturing all these meaningful rituals and the couple’s special moments was a delight to the One Horizon Productions team.

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